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Benefits of the system

Human resource planning

- Analyse exactly what competencies are required within your organisation.
- Match competencies with what is available within the organisation through training and development.
- Reduce the need for exhaustive recruitment processes, you will be saving valuable time and financial resources.
- By making your competence objectives SMART, you will get a clear measurement of 'competent' or 'not yet competent' - not a sliding scale.

Appraisals to Performance Management

- Our system can monitor your employees’ development, by comparing individuals, department against department, and location vs. location.
- Sentrico™ can help with a Performance Management System by emphasising formal and planned development, to increase motivation of your workforce.


- Identify skill gaps... become more cost effective by not sending people on courses where they are already competent!

Systematic approach to recruitment

- Recruiting people for your organisation means assessing the candidates available for selection.
- Sentrico™ aids recruitment in a cost effective and fair process by using the competence objectives as questions to discover the potential of the candidates.

External influences

- Outside pressure for ‘hallmarked’ standards, many of which are competency based, are frequently demanded by customers as part of a quality audit.
- Our system can help you demonstrate the competence of individual employees and the overall competence of your workforce.

Selection techniques

- Sentrico™ can help to assess whether or not an individual is capable of performing a specific job role.
- The system can also help with the formation of:-
  • Selection tests
  • Group selection
  • Psychological tests
  • Structured interviews