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Who will it benefit?

Although competence management systems have often been associated with manual jobs they can be applied to any level or occupation in the organisation.

New Employees - such as "Young Professionals” or "Graduate Entry Staff” coming from University will appreciate their Individual Development Plan and the major role played by Sentrico™ in mapping, monitoring, organising and recording their competence development and performance.

Current Employees - Existing employees who are required to demonstrate their competence in preparation for new roles or responsibilities within the company will see the advantages that Sentrico™ offers to them as a clear and transparent systematic approach to helping them achieve these new skills and underpinning knowledge.


Managers - Managers who need to control and monitor the development of their employees towards internationally recognised standards and "world class” levels of operating efficiency will appreciate the clarity and ease by which reports can be obtained making "management by exception” much easier.

Engineers - Individual Engineers and other professionals who want to gain professional recognition from Engineering Institutions such as Engineers Australia, Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, Texas Board of Professional Engineers, and the UK Engineering Council as "user defined” competencies can easily be added to the individual’s profile using Sentrico™.


Human Resource and Development - The HR Department will benefit by having a systematic approach to the development of the company’s most important resource, its people; and in addition Sentrico™ can enable "career or technical laddering” to be effective by basing promotion and compensation/reward on competence and performance rather than "time-serving”.

Recruitment Department - Recruitment will be able to show to prospective employees that the organisation values them by the investment it has made in their development through Sentrico™; in addition the management of the "talent pipeline” is enhanced as is recruitment and selection of new experienced staff as the competences can be used for selection purposes.


Contracts Department - the Contracts Department will be able to demonstrate to both existing and prospective clients that a contract with the company is a sound business decision as the organisation is demonstrably dedicated to the achievement of world class performance through its people.

Sales and Marketing - Sales and Marketing will be able to point to the use of a robust system of competence development for all employees at all levels ensuring that the company performs to the very highest levels of customer care and efficiency


Senior Management - Senior Managers will be able to judge the effectiveness of the training and development strategy and allocate resources based on hard facts and figures regarding the effectiveness of training interventions rather than "historical” budget allocations.

Training Department - training will benefit from having a clearly defined plan with outcomes that can be measured and can be shown to impact on the "bottom line” of the company.

Competence Development can be part of a systematic approach involving Organisational Development. Rather than spend large amounts of money on short term interventions which may be ineffective, competence development can be used to affect the behaviour of employees and inculcate within them the desire to work safely and follow procedures for example.