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Corporate mentoring & coaching

Sentrico Pty Ltd consultancy services include competency and performance management; developing technical competence of the workforce and behavioural competencies. We have worked with clients who are established and assisted others in the initial stages to design their competence and performance management systems.

We can help you by:-
  • Providing a cost effective means of reducing staff turnover and resignations
  • Promoting the self development of individual employees
  • Aligning the goals of the organisation with the objectives of the individual employee and their team
  • Developing the skills of senior managers
  • Improved communications between team members
  • Identifying talented people
  • Maintaining an individual's commitment to their continuing profession
The Consultants have considerable experience in the oil and gas industry developing competence and performance management systems in the Middle East, Far East, Africa and South America. Working closely with you, we will advise you and assist you in the development of your Corporate Mentoring and Coaching system. The success of the system depends on how well it is accepted by the organisation. To a great extent this will be achieved by training and monitoring those employees selected to become Mentors and Coaches, and by communication to the workforce in general.

We have successfully introduced Corporate Coaching and Mentoring into other companies and know from experience that the embedding of the process within the organisation is a critical factor in it’s success.

By training your own staff to become Work-based Coaches, Assessors, and Internal Verifiers we will help you to develop a fully integrated Competence Development System. In addition, we can advise you on the design of your Career or Technical Ladder which, when combined with a Performance Management system based on Competence and Performance, will provide a clear and transparent path for reward and compensation and provide motivation to your employees.
"We will advise you and assist
you in the development of your 
corporate mentoring and
coaching system"

Technical Lesson material:

    - Root Cause Analysis 

    - Gas Turbine Technology


Competence objectives from our database:

 Technical, Managerial and Behavioural topics


- E-learning courses


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