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Technical competence objectives - Topic CORROSION

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Basic electrical principles - Cathodic protection – chemistry – corrosion protection – gases – coupons and inhibitors – corrosion theory – CP surveys – use of engineering drawings – inspection techniques – materials – microbial induced corrosion – permit-to-work – stress corrosion


Compare organic and inorganic inhibitors


Explain how a chemical injection system is designed, including how the rate of injection is determined


Perform calculations of corrosion rates using linear polarisation resistance, polarisation curves and weight loss coupons


Explain why an iron pipe corrodes further when the flow of aerated water is increased


For a given corrosion problem, explain the remedial action you would take to correct the problem


Give the Nemst equation for a copper/copper sulphate and a silver/silver chloride reference electrode


Demonstrate the ability to carry out corrosion rate calculations using given data


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The competence statements/objectives have been given a suggested level of Awareness, Knowledge, Skill, (Mastery also in some cases).

The definition of each of these levels is as follows:

oAwareness- Understand at a basic level only. The objectives at this level are most suited to a Trainee or someone who needs background knowledge of the subject but it is not their main job role.

oKnowledge- Can describe, contribute, explain and work within guidelines (usually theoretical). These objectives are general background knowledge of the topic area and would be most likely to be used as direct questions by the person assessing their competence.

oSkill- Working with a minimum of supervision, coach and guide others. These objectives are usually practical, requiring the person assessing competence to observe the practical task being carried out or observe the result of the task eg. a finished article such as a weld or fabrication or assembly.

oMastery- Can innovate, originate, troubleshoot, define new standards, considered to be an expert in that field. These objectives may be suitable for a Supervisor leading a Team for example. PLEASE NOTE: not all topics have Mastery statements

All purchases include a copy of ‘How to Create a Competence Profile’ to enable your Subject Matter Experts to further develop specific competence statements for your organisation. By necessity, this material is generic and in some cases may need to be tailored to your organisation’s equipment, processes and practices.

·We are constantly adding to our database and would be happy to consider writing future topic material suitable for your industry sector.