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Q. What is Sentrico™?
A. Sentrico™ is a software solution which allows the management of an organisation to be fully in control of the development of the competence of its workforce at all levels.
Q. What are the benefits of Sentrico™?
A. The Sentrico™ Competency Management System can benefit your organisation in a number of ways, including aiding Human Resource Planning, Performance Management, Training, Recruitment, Selection Techniques, and helping you deal with a variety of external influences.
Q. Do you have a competency database?
A. Yes, our competency database consists of over 50,000 competence statements/objectives that relate to the core competencies needed for many Energy, Manufacturing and Engineering job roles. Whether you need competency statements to develop your own competency frameworks or aid in competency based recruitment, we can help create measurable steps for assessment purposes. The software can also be tailored to work with any existing competence objectives you already use.
Q. What makes your system different?
A. The Sentrico™ software is designed to contain measurable competence objectives whether your own existing ones or those purchased or developed by Sentrico Pty Ltd. The system is a real time system so that the state of an employee, department or team's competence can quickly and easily be viewed and reports made. It is fully customisable with your own headings, logo etc. It can be installed on your own intranet for data security or hosted by a secure external server.
Q. Why do I need competence development?
A. Competence development can be part of a systematic approach involving organisational development. Rather than spend large amounts of money on short term interventions which may be ineffective, competence development can be used to affect the behaviour of employees and inculcate within them the desire to work safely and follow procedures for example
Q. Can I request a demonstration?
A. Yes you can, just click here and fill out the form and we can give you access to an online demo version of the software where you can enter competence statements or just look around the examples already on the demo version.