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Training solutions

Savings to the training budget can be made by eliminating training that is unnecessary or is inappropriate at that time. 

Training and development can be measured and meets Kirkpatrick’s 4th Level of evaluation of effectiveness (most training courses do not exceed the 2nd Level).

All too often, training is carried out without due regard to its timing and often to a pre-prepared list of objectives. This often means the training lacks relevance to the individual and more importantly they are unable to practise the skills they have learnt about in a real work situation.  A good system can help eliminate all training that is not relevant to the organisation.

Competence objectives should form the basis of training objectives to make a training course worthwhile and relevant

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Training can be designed to satisfy the requirements of the organisation using the company standards of competence. This could lead to a reduction in course length and the time the employees are away from their workplace.

Sentrico™ can give you a snapshot of training requirements within your organisation at any given time and identify skill gaps.
Our system can provide you with a simple solution to increase your focus on training and enable you to see the rewards of maximised productivity and output, as well as developing the versatility and employability of your human resources.