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Technical competency development

Ask yourself one question - Can your employees perform effectively if they are not competent? Competency management is set to become central to talent management initiatives as an impending skills shortage within many industries looms. 

Our team of consultants at Sentrico Pty Ltd can advise and help you in the development of your competency framework and identify the competency of your current workforce.

We have worked with clients who are established and assisted others in their initial stages to design their competence and performance management systems.

Our Consultants have considerable experience in developing competence and performance managements systems in the Middle East, Far East, Africa and South America.
Work with us to:-
  • Define required competencies per role/task
  • Perform assessment tasks
  • Perform job-gap analysis
  • Create personal action plans for your employees


"Competency development that has been well created is a strategy for competitive advantage. Employees have to be competent to perform"  

Technical Lesson material:

    - Root Cause Analysis 

    - Gas Turbine Technology


Competence objectives from our database:

 Technical, Managerial and Behavioural topics


- E-learning courses


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 'How to create a competency profile'